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Run Of The Mill LLC.: Sawmill Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What sized logs are good to cut? What is the minimum and maximum dimensions the mill can handle? Answer: In terms of diameter of logs, my mill can

Run Of The Mill, LLC.: Sawmill and Lumber Current Projects

Run Of The Mill, LLC.: Sawmill and Lumber Current Projects

Check out our current projects. We are always working on something interesting

Finally we can do all three phases for you; starting from logs we frequently do all the steps to produce finished products such as flooring, paneling, mantels, etc. Our pricing for each of the steps is available in our online Pricebook.

Get To Know Us At Run Of The Mill. See what we do and read our history.

Frequently asked questions Please check back soon this page is still under construction If you have a question please fill out the form on our contact page, call or email us.

Our portable sawmill in action We primarily saw hardwood logs from 10" to 40" in diameter. By custom cutting your logs you can get exactly the sizing and thickness

Can I get the sawmill frame plans for the 16" bandsaw? Only the 14" bandsaw is designed to go with the sawmill frame. The 16" model cannot be used as a sawmill. Can I get the updated upper wheel mount for the 16" bandsaw? The wheel mount in the plans for the 16" bandsaw is the most up to date for that saw.

Contact us at Run of The Mill. We can help with your sawmill, kiln drying, and custom furniture questions.

Kiln Drying Hardwood Lumber. We also have a Frequently Asked Questions page to help you understand the process better. Run Of The Mill, LLC.

Frequently Asked Questions. What are your Mill hours? The mill and store are open Monday thru Friday 8 am to 4 pm. Saturday from 8 am to What does ‘mill run’ mean?

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