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Risser's Grain Roasting Roasted Soybeans with the Roast

He purchased it, taught himself how to use it and started roasting soybeans for his dairy cows. Soon, neighbors started asking him to roast their soybeans, and Risser’s Grain Roasting was born. That was in 1982. Jim and Linda Risser of St. Charles, Minn., Stand next to their “Roast-a-matic” grain roaster.

Risser’s Grain Roasting – Roasted Soybeans with the Roast

Risser’s Grain Roasting – Roasted Soybeans with the Roast

Risser’s Grain Roasting, grain roasting on your farm.

Risser’s Grain Roasting, grain roasting on your farm. Risser’s Grain Roasting – Roasted Soybeans with the Roast-A-Matic

We offer a full line of Roast-A-Matic roasters with capabilities ranging from one and a half ton per hour to twelve tons per hour. We also build our own steeper/cooler systems for maximum grain conditioning.

ROASTED FULL FAT BEANS. vs. SOYBEAN MEAL. There are benefits from utilizing roasted full-fat soybeans in place of soybean meal. When you use roasted full-fat soybeans: ¨ Pigs gain 8 to 10% more rapidly ¨ They require about 10% less total feed/pound of gain, and ¨ There is no effect (neither good nor bad) upon carcass quality.

This precision roasting technology has already replaced micronizing equipment and extruders. It is successfully used commercially for roasting of soy, corn, coriander, groundnuts (blanch, roast in the shell and normal roast), macadamia nuts, rolled oats, caramelizing of dehydrated onions without oil etc.

Schnupp’s Grain Roasting provides custom grain roasting on the farm: Soybeans,Corn,Barley,and/or Wheat. Roasting soybeans provides additional by-pass protein and also destroys trypsin inhibiting enzymes. Roasting barley, corn and wheat improves starch digestibility. SGR also has the ability to cool the roasted grain so that

Feb 21, 2016 · Soybean roasting Roast-a-matic grain roasting – Duration: How to Dry-Roast Soy Beans : Healthy Bean Recipes – Duration:

Roasting soybeans started 20-some years ago as a means to reduce bypass protein in dairy rations. And now corn has become a big-ticket item for roasting. At the recent Midwest Dairy Expo in St. Cloud, Dieter Harle, agricultural consultant with Midwest Grain Roasters, a Dodgeville, Wis., firm, said that roasting is gaining popularity.

ELECTRIC ROASTING VS. there’s the potential for a fire in the flame-roasted units. Roasting soybeans increases They found that it will roast 6,000 pounds

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